…-:Union is Strength:-….

I think you well know the story of the hunter and the snips. The hunter could not catch the birds so far as they were at peace with each other. They collectively lifted the hunter’s net thrown over them and flew away with it. When once they quarreled with each other they did not function as before. The hunter caught them all. There is another striking story to prove that unity is strength. An old man was worried about his sons’ behavior. They were fighting with each other. The father brought a bundle of sticks and put it before his sons. He asked each of them to break it. None of them could. They were able to break each stick by itself easily. This experience taught the sons a remarkable lesson. So far as they worked together as brothers, they will be safe. If they fall out with each other they will be exposed to danger.     If a cricket them wants to win the cup, the members have got to work together as a them. If each member wants to play the game according to his wish, the they will lose the game. People say that this type of behavior lead to the defeat of the sir lankan cricket team in 1999. to win a battle, an army must work together. If the personal interests of the officers were given priority, they are sure to lose the battle. Great general napoleon always tried to make his allied enemies lose trust among them selves. When they are separated he would attack them one by one. He could easily defeat them as they became weak by division. A united nation, a united country, a united family or a united them is strong . united they stand; divided they fall.      


One Response to …-:Union is Strength:-….

  1. enTRpy says:

    You’re so right Sashika. By working together we can achieve so much. Great post.

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